Mercedes C63 Edition 1 & Gyeon Matte

Something a little different came to us for the definitions treatment in the form of this C63 edition 1, Not many of these about and with it's matte paintwork it's owner was looking for something to protect it ready for a few years of driving! After giving the car a thorough clean it was time to prep the paint with a specialist matte cleaner before applying Gyeon Q2 Matte ( the only dedicated matte sealant on the market ) Before polishing and applying Gtechniq EXOV3 to all plastic trims, and of course trusty C5 to all 4 wheels.
Upon arrival, the usual road grime.
Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination.
Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination.
Then a full bodywork wash by hand using Chemical Guys matte shampoo to stay safe all the way through this procedure and of course not to add any gloss! 
All four wheels given a full decontamination and wash down by hand before a final rinse down of all external areas.
All areas given a thorough dry down.
We polished all exterior plastic/painted surfaces such as wing mirrors, lip spoiler and side-skirts.
After fully prepping the surface it was time for Gyeon Q2 Matte.
Next up was EXOV3 on all polished trims, before G1 application to all glass including sunroof.
After a full panel wipedown C1 was used to seal all external areas, along with C5 on all wheels
Finally Gtechniq C5 applied to all 4 wheels, with T2 tyre dressing to finish.
After a long days work the results really did speak for themselves.