Lancia Delta Intergrale Correction & Zaino

What an eye catcher! The owner contacted us looking for a correction package, after speaking with him we decided to recommend a Zaino Z5 sealant, due to the age of the paint. Although the car is a non metallic white paint you'll see that there is still a massive before and after difference. The depth achieved from this paintwork is incredible. So much respect for this little Integrale. Another happy customer that is looking to book in another car very soon.

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Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination.
Then a full bodywork wash by hand before moving on to the clay bar to remove any stuck on contaminates.
Not to forget a thorough clean round all badges  and grills with soft bristle brushes.
Some before and afters
Paying special attention to places which can't be cleaned with a regular wash
Applying some Zaino
Treatment of glass and plastics
Interior covered off as well with Gtechniq C6
After finishing off any fiddly bits it was time for C5 on all wheels before a generous coating of G1 on ALL glass surfaces.
Some final pictures of the finished article