Washing & Claying


 Preparation is the most important step in any detailing job, whether that's a simple paint protection right up to full correction and ceramic coatings.

Proper preparation is the most important to achieving a high quality end result .

We use a meticulous wash routine involving no less than 9 stages to ensure the paintwork is fully prepared ready for protection or further correction work.

  • Citrus pre-wash 

  • Full rinse 

  • Snow foam wash down

  • Fallout remover

  • 2 bucket wash on all bodywork areas

  • Wheels fully washed 

  • Claybar

  • Second foam wash 

  • Fully dried

  • Full IPA wipedown to remove any fillers or existing oils 

Paint Enhancement / Correction


This is the stage which will make the most difference to your car's overall appearance. 


Years of improper washing routines often cause very light imperfections commonly call swirl marks. Layer upon layer of these tiny defects soon stop the colour from popping through and can make the car look flat and dull.

By cutting back a very fine layer of clear coat we are able to bring the clarity back to the cars surface with ease, often to make the car look better than when it left the showroom.

Paint depth readings are taken before undertaking any machine polishing, this is vital to not cause any unwanted strike through or to see areas that have already seen fresh paint, we also make sure to mask up any areas that are to be avoided such as plastic trims, glass and badges.

Enhancement is ideal for rejuvenating paintwork, cutting back around 50% of defects leaving the surface looking far smoother but potentially leaving a few swirls remaining in bright sunlight. Correction however aims to remove up to 90% of defects leaving a factory fresh finish.



 Protection is the final stage of the process and the one that all previous steps have helped prepare the paint surface for.

We use multiple methods of protection ranging from traditional branded waxes such as Swissvax to new technology such as ceramic infused waxes all offering protection of up to 6 months.

We also offer Ceramic protection products such as Gtechniq C1 right up to Crystal Serum or Gyeon MOHS which offers up to 3 years protection with a single application. Couple this with an overcoating such as Gtechniq EXO or C2 you can achieve a slick look similar to a waxed surface but with extreme hydrophobic properties.

Whatever method of protection you choose we are always on hand to offer advice and suggest a suitable solution to meet your requirement's for years of trouble free motoring.