Recent Projects

Mclaren MP4-12C Correction Detail & CSL

McLaren in for full Gtechniq Exterior/ Interior correction. Totally different coloured car once we had finished!

BMW M3 Individual Correction & CSL

A good friend of ours dropped his 6 month old M3 with us after being treated to standard wash routines, A little swirly and in need of some decent protection we sorted it out with ease.

BMW M4 Correction & CSL

This stunning M4 came to us in need of a little TLC from a few years of swirling and the odd scratch here and there, We corrected to around 95% and applied a generous layer of CSL & C2 to finish. 

89 911 Speedster Correction & Swissvax

This beauty speedster came to us needing a little TLC and a perk up after a recent trip to europe had covered it's front end in kamikaze bugs. After a days worth of polishing and a coating of BOS the results were stunning.

Golf GTI Correction & Cquartz

This 3,000 mile GTI came to us requiring a little dealership swirl removal along with protection to last. After only two days we had this little gem ready to hit the roads coated in Cquartz and paint cleaner than the day it was made.

BMW X5 Correction Detail & CSL

This daily driven X5 came to us needing a little TLC and some protection ready for the winter months ahead. After a weekend with us up to 95% of swirls and scratches had been removed and a layer of CSL added for extra protection.

Audi SQ5 Correction Detail & CSL

This 6 week old SQ5 came to us looking a little swirly after dealership prep, after a couple of days with us a decent layer of CSL, C2 and all the other Gtechniq goodies it was ready to hit the road! 

Audi RS6 Enhancement Detail & Zaino

This stunning remapped RS6 came to us in need of a little TLC, Swirling was stopping the colour from popping but after a day with us it was back to it's former glory.

Lotus Exige S Correction & EXO top up.

A loyal customer of ours returns for some correction and Gtechniq Exo protection after a year of usage

Mercedes C63 Edition 1 Gyeon Matte

Stunning C63 Edition 1 in for a spruce up and specialist Gyeon Q2 Matte coating, Retaining the cars finish and not adding any gloss in the process!

Lancia Delta Intergrale Correction Detail & Zaino

Beautiful Martini Lancia Delta Integrale, loved and respected by all, in for Correction and Zaino protection.

Porsche Carrera S Correction & CSL

A lovely blue 997 Carrera S was in serious need of some correction. This car was new to its owner just a few weeks ago and it had suffered from many years of hand car washing.

BMW X5 New Car Detail & C1, Sytner BMW Sunningdale

A brand new X5 came to us via Sytner BMW for our new car preparation package and Gtechniq protection.

Ford Focus ST Correction & CSL

This ST came to us after only 6 months of use looking a little worse for wear! Used to transport the kiddies around had made this once shiney beaST into a bit of a slouch

Porsche GT3 Correction Detail & C1

This was a task we took in our stride, this little gem got dropped off with us looking a little worse for wear with plenty of visible swirling to be seen after many road miles and potentially the odd track day! Among other tasks the owner.

BMW M140i New Car Detail & CSL

Next on the list was this little 1 series from a previous client, After picking the car up from the dealership it was dropped straight with us to apply protection ready for a lifetime of road use. White is a little unforgiving unfortunately due to...

Dodge Challenger Correction & Swissvax

We visited another returning client with something a little different that isn't often see gracing our roads! Certainly given it's size and the allowed parking spaces given when doing the grocery shop. This beautiful SRT was requiring a little...