Winter Protection Detail

Maybe your paintwork is in good condition with only very light swirling or you purely want a good layer of protection to help with shine or the winter months, then this is the service for you. Much like our more intense services we still start the same way by prepping the paintwork to ensure the surface is smooth, however once claying and a final wash down has been completed we apply a good layer of Swissvax offering the same level of protection as our other packages but without the lengthy correction process.

Time to complete approximately 6  hours.

Prices start from £100.00

  • Full decontamination spray down.

  • Full snow foam, left to dwell and wheels cleaned.

  • Full body wash wish soft wash-mitts and premium shampoo.

  • Fully clayed with light clay to reduce marring.

  • Snow foamed once more before drying.

  • Application of premium Swissvax wax or Zaino Z5 & Z8.

  • Wheels sealed with liquid sealant or ceramic ( as quoted )

  • All glass areas cleaned and sealed.

  • Any fiddly areas cleaned/dressed and exhaust tips polished.

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We are able to offer additional coating choices to this package such as Gtechniq, Gyeon or Ceramic Wax.

Please ask during the quotation stage for further information

10% booking fee required to secure.