New Car Protection Detail

New cars are often delivered to the dealership in a horrendous state, After sitting on a container ship for weeks on end sometimes covered in bird mess and sea salt. Dealerships will then offer to apply products such as life shine or sure guard which "guarantee" to offer years of protection, yet 3 months down the line nothing appears to be protecting your pride and joy from the elements. Unfortunately in their haste to shift units preparation is pushed aside having only been given a brief wash before any coatings are applied your car looks clean and off you go. Unfortunately however dealerships don't usually carry out any surface preparation beforehand, removing any light scratches/swirls

Time to complete approximately 40 hours.


                              Small vehicle such as ( lotus Exige, Ford fiesta )  £400.00

                            Medium vehicle such as ( BMW 3 series, Audi A4 )  £500.00

                 Large vehicle MPV such as ( BMW M5/X5, Range rover)  £600.00

After  ensuring the paintwork is fully clean of any contaminants  by means of a full APC spray down before the usual snow foam and hand wash we fully clay the paint surface to ensure it is as smooth as it can possible be. After this we mask all areas such as trim & glass before polishing any areas of paintwork requiring attention to remove light imperfections and storage marks. After this the vehicle is given a full wash down once more to remove any dust from polishing before a full IPA wipe down to remove any silicone used in the polishing process to allow coatings to adhere. We then apply a layer of GTechniq Crystal Serum Light (CSL) offering up to 3 years worth of protection, followed by a spray over of GTechniq C2V3 to give extreme gloss and hydrophobic properties lasting roughly 8 months before the need for a top up.

We are happy to travel to the dealership of your choice providing they can offer some space in the dry for us to work. 

10% booking fee required to secure.

Once the main bodywork has been taken care of we focus on the wheels making sure they are fully cleaned before applying a layer of GTechniq C5 Wheel Armour offering up to 2 years protection in a single application, making wheel cleaning extremely easy and effortless. All glass areas are then fully prepped/polished where needed before application of GTechniq G1 including the sunroof. This applied in the correct manor will allow water to simply repel from the glass again for up to 2 years. After finishing off any fiddly bits such as exhaust tips we tackle the interior in a similar manor please see here for full details. We then allow the car to fully cure in the dry for a minimum of 12 hours before handing you car back in a condition that will far exceed anything else coming out of the showroom.

Click below for two examples of new car details, One performed at Sytner BMW.