Interior Detail & GTechniq

As the name suggests if you are simply after interior protection this is the service you require. This is far more than just an interior clean as using Gtechniq products are designed to offer around 6 months’ worth of protection. After cleaning all surfaces with Gtechniq APC, we liberally apply C6 Matte Dash to all plastic/vinyl and rubber areas this coating is designed to offer abrasion resistance to all areas and lasts around 6 months. After this all leather areas are coated in L1 leather which again add's a coating specifically useful on bolsters and areas of excessive usage. Finally in the Gtechniq arsenal I1 smart fabric is sprayed over all carpets/ floor mats and cloth (where applicable) this marvel coating makes all fabrics repel water which is extremely useful against spillages allowing you to simply wipe off the droplets. This service is great for new as well as old vehicles as it will give your interior the best start in life possible. 

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  • Full wipe down and dusting of all areas.

  • Full mist spray down with Gtechniq W2 APC.

  • All fiddly areas cleaned with detailing brushes, Vents etc..

  • Carpet fully vacuumed, including seat mountings.

  • All interior plastics, vinyl and rubbers coated in Gtechniq C6.

  • Leather areas fully cleaned then Gtechniq L1 applied.

  • Carpet & cloth areas fully sprayed with Gtechniq I1.

  • All interior glass areas cleaned fully with glass cleaner.

  • A nice smelling new freshness added to finish off.

Time to complete approximately 4 hours.

Prices start from £70.00

50% booking fee required to secure.