Golf GTI Correction  CQuartz & Reload application.

This stunning Golf came to us after a previous customers kind recomendation, We spent a full weekend giving this the DD treatment. Being only 3,000 miles old it really wasn't in a bad state HOWEVER! this doesn't mean it didn't benefit from correction work as dealer prep work and a few washes had certainly left the paint looking flatter than it should.
After a thorough decontamination, and wash down we corrected the paint to leave a spotless swirl free finish, before applying CQuartz & Reload, all wheels then coated with Gyeon RIM and a few bits and bobs to finish..

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Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination, before hand washing to remove any road grime.
All four wheels given a full decontamination and wash down by hand before a final rinse down of all external areas.
Given the colour of this car it was incredibly difficult to get swirl shots, however they did exist! If not very lightly after a full single stage machine polish we rolled her into the sun.
After removing all polishing dust it was time for a wipe down of panel wipe before CQuartz application
After finishing off any fiddly bits it was time for a generous coating of G1 on ALL glass surfaces, wheels and tyres coated
We were then left with this!
The interior was given a full hoover and wipedown with APC, Before application of Gtechniq C6 and I1 on all fabric areas.

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