Ford Focus ST Estate Full Correction & CSL

This ST came to us after only 6 months of use looking a little worse for wear! Used to transport the kiddies around had made this once shiney beaST into a bit of a slouch. We carefully cut back any swirls giving excellent results before applying a good layer of CSL & EXO, all 4 corners were then coated in C5 with T2 on the tyres to match. We also gave the interior the full treatment on this offering up to 6 months’ worth of protection!

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Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination.
Then a full bodywork wash by hand before moving on to the clay bar to remove any stuck on contaminates.
Not to forget a thorough clean round all badges with soft bristle brushes.
All four wheels given a full decontamination and wash down by hand before a final rinse down of all external areas.
After fully drying the paintwork, it was time to fully mask all areas including glass and trims before taking a look at what needed to be done.
It was then on to the three stage polishing process using the trusty Rupes and a selection of pads.
Plenty of progress being made! 
Although the overall condition of this paint was great, once polished the difference was becoming very noticeable.
After a full panel wipedown C1 was used to seal all external areas, along with C5 on all wheels
Not missing out on any areas, Piano black given a new lease of life... can you believe this is only 6 months old?!
After all the polishing was completed it was time to stand back and admire the freshly corrected paintwork.
After removing all polishing dust it was time for a wipe down of panel wipe before Gtechniq application.
After finishing off any fiddly bits it was time for C5 on all wheels before a generous coating of G1 on ALL glass surfaces.
Gtechniq C4 permanent trim also used on all black trim areas to give a lasting finish.
After around 50 hours we were left with the below and what a transformation!