Exclusive Detail & Gtechniq CSL

             3 Year's Protection

This is our ultimate correction/protection package offering the best result in physical enhancement and long lasting protection. After cutting back 80-90% of visible swirling we carefully wipe down all panels to allow a layer of Gtechniq Crystal Serum light to adhere. After this we layer C2V3 or EXOV3 of your choosing over the top to give a rich high gloss finish along with extreme hydrophobic properties. Protected in this manor should give up to 3 years worth of protection from the base CSL with only a yearly EXO top up recommended. This service is great on new cars as well as older cars with price adjustments for more or less polishing as required.  Couple this with Gtechniq C5 to all wheel surfaces and of course G1 on all glass surfaces you are ready for the road ahead. Within this package we also tackle all interior areas fully hoovering, decontaminating and leaving nice lines in all carpeted areas we finally apply the full Gtechniq range including L1/I1 and C6 leaving no surface unprotected.

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  • Full decontamination spray down.

  • Full snow foam, left to dwell and wheels cleaned.

  • Full body wash wish soft wash-mitts and premium shampoo.

  • Rinsed then clayed to achieve a near perfect smooth finish.

  • Snow foamed once more before drying.

  • All sensitive areas masked before taking full paint depth readings.

  • Machine polished to remove 80-90% visible defects and swirling.

  • Final wash down to remove polishing dust before carefully drying.

  • Full IPA wipe down to remove any leftover residue.

  • Full application of Gtechniq CSL

  • Full application of Gtechniq C2V3 or EXO V3.

  • Application of Gtechniq G1&G2 on windscreen/side windows.

  • Wheels sealed with Gtechniq C5.

  • Any fiddly areas cleaned/dressed and exhaust tips polished.

  • Interior carpets vacummed, then sprayed with Gtechniq I1 

  • All dash, trim and plastic parts cleaned then cealed with C6 matte dash.

  • Leather cleaned fully then L1 leather applied.

  • Complimentary freshener added to finish.

Time to complete approximately 50 hours.

Prices start from £650.00

We are able to offer additional coating choices to this package such as Gtechniq, Gyeon or Ceramic Wax.

Please ask during the quotation stage for further information

10% booking fee required to secure.

Please click below for an example of recent work taking advantage of our Exclusive package.