Correction Detail

One of our most comprehensive packages; if your paintwork is flat, tired or dull then full correction is what you require. Often cars, especially darker colours, are littered with swirling/light scratches which can start to make the car look flat even away from direct lighting. Detailing offers a new lease of life to this kind of damage and as you can see from the pictures it gives the appearance of peeling away the defects to leave a nice deep shine with plenty of pop. After this has been completed we apply a layer of wax to preserve the finish for years to come.

Time to complete approximately 25-40 hours.

Prices start from £350.00

  • Full decontamination spray down.

  • Full snow foam, left to dwell and wheels cleaned.

  • Full body wash wish soft wash-mitts and premium shampoo.

  • Rinsed then clayed to achieve a near perfect smooth finish.

  • Snow foamed once more before drying.

  • All sensitive areas masked before taking full paint depth readings.

  • Machine polished to remove 80-90% visible defects and swirling.

  • Final wash down to remove polishing dust before carefully drying.

  • Application of premium Swissvax wax or Zaino Z5 & Z8.

  • Wheels sealed with either liquid sealant or ceramic.

  • All glass areas cleaned and sealed.

  • Any fiddly areas cleaned/dressed and exhaust tips polished.

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We are able to offer additional coating choices to this package such as Gtechniq, Gyeon or Ceramic Wax.

Please ask during the quotation stage for further information

10% booking fee required to secure.