Wheel coating

As the name suggests if you are simply after coating for a set of wheels this is what you need. 

We offer various different packages to suit, however Gtechniq C5 ceramic sealant is currently the number 1 choice offering up to 2 years worth of protection from a single application. Able to withstand the high temperatures wheels go through this helps to keep brake dust from sticking to the surface and making the wheels incredibly easy to clean. We are able to apply directly to the vehicle without wheel removal, or remove the wheels to coat the complete rear surface however this will incur extra charges for time taken to safely remove each wheel at a time.

After completing we coat all tyres in T2 to leave a glossy finish ready for years of motoring.


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  • Removal of wheels ( If quoted ) 

  • All wheels cleaned with wheel cleaners.

  • Brushes used to agitate

  • Wheels then foamed and pressure washed.

  • Washed fully by hand and dried.

  • C5 applied to either faces or full depending on service.

  • T2 Applied to all tyres prior to finishing.

Time to complete approximately 4 hours.

Prices start from £100.00

50% booking fee required to secure.