Matte Detailing

Dealing with matte finishes is a little more challenging than generic paint, matte wraps are flat for a reason and polishing them would ruin the finish. This is also true for certain products that are simply not designed to work with finishes and can often leave a glossy finish, here at Definitions we have matte specific shampoo, degreasers, waxes and ceramics on hand for any given job.

We start the process as per any job however using matte specific shampoo and foam, no claying will take place as this can marr the finish instead we use matte safe degreasers to remove any tar or contamination. After fully cleaning we can apply your choice of wax or ceramic both achieving great long-lasting results that will not effect the finish. 


Time to complete approximately 15-20  hours.

Prices start from £350.00

  • Full decontamination spray down.

  • Full snow foam, left to dwell and wheels cleaned.

  • Full body wash with soft wash-mitts and matte shampoo

  • Rinsed then decontaminated once more.

  • Snow foamed once more before drying.

  • Trims and vinyl stripes masked round and polished.

  • Gyeon Matte applied or Swissvax Opaque.

  • Wheels sealed with liquid sealant or ceramic ( as quoted )

  • All glass areas cleaned and sealed.

  • Any fiddly areas cleaned/dressed and exhaust tips polished.

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We are able to offer additional coating choices to this package such as Gtechniq, Gyeon or Ceramic Wax.

Please ask during the quotation stage for further information

10% booking fee required to secure.


Please click below for an example of recent work taking advantage of our Matte package