BMW X5 New Car Detail & C1 BMW Sytner Sunningdale

As you'll see this car came straight from Sytner BMW with protective wrapping still on the bodywork, this helps us get the best finish possible and reduces costs to the customer as it means this car has been touched less and therefore damage to the paintwork is minimal. See the below for our New Car Preparation Package.

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Obviously this car came in quite dirty given it has never been washed by the dealer
Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination, After removing all tape and protective coating.
Then a full bodywork wash by hand before moving on to the clay bar to remove any stuck on contaminates.
Not to forget a thorough clean round all badges with soft bristle brushes.
All four wheels given a full decontamination and wash down by hand before a final rinse down of all external areas.
After fully drying the paintwork, it was time to fully mask all areas including glass and trims.
Only a single stage was needed on this, particularly in areas with marks or visible swirling.
Considering this is a brand new car, scratches are still apparent in certain areas!
A complete wipedown was needed before the application of C1.
After a full panel wipedown C1 was used to seal all external areas, along with C5 on all wheels
Gtechniq C4 applied to ALL plastic trims including wipers and all trim areas.
As always G1 coated generously on all areas of glass including that all important sunroof!
Gtechniq C5 used on all 4 wheels and tyres dressed accordingly.
Onto the interior, we started by removing all coverings before hoovering, degreasing and coating with L1, I1 & C6.
Autofinesse Dressle used under the bay to give that long lasting new look
After around 25 hours we were left with the following, A car ready for it's new owner looking amazing in the showroom!