Audi RS6 Enhancement Detail & Zaino.

This absolute beauty of an RS6 came to us in need of a little enhancement, having decided full correction wasn't fully necessary the owner opted for a single pass to see what results could be achieved. Luckily the paintwork on this RS was fairly soft so a single pass gave at least 70% correction with only a few defects remaining on hard to reach panels. After polishing was completed we gave the car a full coverage of Zaino Z5 followed by some extra gloss from Zaino Z8. The wheels were fully cleaned and coated in a wheel sealant before giving the tyres some extra protection with T2. 

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Snow foam to remove any light surface contamination.
Then a full bodywork wash by hand before moving on to the clay bar to remove any stuck on contaminates.
Not to forget a thorough clean round all badges with soft bristle brushes.
All four wheels given a full decontamination and wash down by hand before a final rinse down of all external areas.
After fully drying the paintwork, it was time to fully mask all areas including glass and trims.
It was then on to the single stage polish, As you can see the vehicle was in need of a little TLC.
Nice and easy however, with night and day results.
Plenty of swirls to be seen throughout, however a single stage was yielding great results.
After a full panel wipedown C1 was used to seal all external areas, along with C5 on all wheels
After finishing the bodywork it was time to polish the glass before application of Gtechniq G1
After removing all polishing dust it was time for a wipe down of panel wipe before Zaino Z5 and Z8 to finish.
We then gave the interior the full treatment, starting with a thorough hoover and panel wipe down with APC.
Nice lines hoovered into all carpeted surfaces.
A full leather scrub down was then followed by Gtechniq L1 then C6 on the dash.
A final spray down of I1 on all carpet to finish.